Roger Waters The Wall, with David Gilmour

We were lucky enough to be at The O2 tonight for Roger’s The Wall with Dave:

The O2 is a great venue, and with the whole of the stage end covered by The Wall and with the sound effects from each corner, the place was set for a magnificent show. We’d seen Polly Samson’s Tweet the night before, but hadn’t seen the Gilmour blog earlier in the evening saying “Yes, it’s tonight”. And wow, what a night.

The show was stunning, great sound, incredible visuals. Roger’s show a masterpiece, carefully crafted quality producing an amazing show. And to witness Dave’s (unannounced by Roger) appearance on top of The Wall for Comfortably Numb, well… you listen to the crowd’s reaction when they recognise Gilmour. Even Roger is smiling.

Note 1: Rog turns to the wall and looks in the wrong place at first, as in the normal set the chorus is sung (by Robbie Wyckoff) in the middle of the wall, before the guitar solo (by Dave Kilminster) further along, where Dave is. So Rog forgot Dave would appear a little way along the wall too! (Edited out of the official video at 1:28.)

Note 2: (rusty and nervous) Dave gets the lyrics wrong at 3:45 (!). Repeat of “Now I’ve got that feeling once again, I can’t explain you would not understand, This is not how I am” instead of “I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now, The child is grown, The dream is gone”. (But I think we’ll forgive him.)

Note 3: Incredible effects get even more incredible at 5:30

Note 4: Roger looks happy (throughout!)

Note 5: And with Nick Mason on stage for Outside The Wall at the end of the show (see Roger’s Facebook page again for footage), an unforgettable gig.

Up to this point I’ve said Radio KAOS was my favourite live show. I think it just got beat.

Thank you Roger. Thank you David. Thank you band.

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