Calling All 70s Gig Goers, “Were you there?”

Before the memories fade further, we want to collect them.

If you attended a live show of Dark Side between February 1972 and July 1975 please get in touch and let us know:

  • If you have have vague memories and you only remember the highlights,
  • if you have a thorough recollection*, maybe you want to write up a review of the gig to share with us all
  • Or, if you simply want to say you were there…

*maybe you were the only one not taking, er, vitamins that night?

And if you know others who were there, please ask them to wrack their brains too. Please start noting and sending in your memories, and we’ll put the structure together here to ‘house’ them. Recorded for posterity yes, but simply fun to relive and enjoy.


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One Response to Calling All 70s Gig Goers, “Were you there?”

  1. Andy says:

    As a Floydmaniac since the ’60s, I saw them do DSOTM several times, inc. the Earls Court run just after its release. The scale of the production, sound quality, effects and lighting was spectacular, beyond anything else done by a rock band until then. By the Winter ’74 tour, DSOTM was relegated to the second half of the show, with the first half given over to early versions of some Animals material, though with different titles.
    As a lifelong avoider of your ‘vitamins’, my memories of the gigs are still intact, aided by the tapes I recorded – a hassle at the time, but in retrospect, well worth the trouble.

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