Dark Side 1000 Weeks On Billboard Chart

The Dark Side Of The Moon has officially spent 1000 weeks on the Billboard charts, as of this week 11th June 2011 – http://www.billboard.com/#/album/pink-floyd/the-the-dark-side-of-the-moon/61357, which currently shows “-,1000,1” for “placing last week, weeks on charts, highest position(US)” respectively. Go there after this week and expect the 1000 to still be climbing.

It’s there, it’s done it. More than any other album by quite some distance. It re-entered the Billboard Catalog Album chart at number 47, reaching in the process the very special milestone of 1000 weeks on Billboard’s charts. It provides us with a strap line to our campaign to take “Dark Side from 1000 (weeks) to #1” in the UK (finally) – The Dark Side Of The Moon, with all its popularity, all its longevity, all its Britishness, still hasn’t been #1 in the UK up to this date – but we mean to change that.

Got me wondering though, as it was 1,500 weeks in the charts a few years ago, and has been flagged as over 2250 weeks on Billboard: another stat on another page. It’s great to rejoice, but I’m not convinced by the metrics, and the way sales are logged to charts – different charts, changes over the years, and more recently complications over digital sales.

I’ve emailed Billboard to ask them for the official version, but as yet no response – I’ll post it if/when I get it. Plus, there didn’t seem to be any official news release by Billboard with the story, it’s been left to Floyd sites and keen observers.

1000 more?…


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