The 1972 Brighton Dome Shows

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Calling all Floyd fans: if you’d like to know more about the debut of The Dark Side Of The Moon, or simply relive any of the 3 Dome shows from ’72, please give us your support.

DS40 is helping the Dome gather names in support. Simply add your name to show support for research and funding, by us and The Dome, in recreating the Dome’s Pink Floyd history from 1972. There’s no commitment other than being curious!

Here’s the official word from the Dome:

Brighton Dome needs your help to bring together the lost personal stories of Floyd fans who came to see the band playing at Brighton Dome in the 1960’s and 70’s. We are seeking funding for a Heritage Project which takes in all the major milestones in the venue’s history and Floyd is a big part of this. But first and even if you weren’t at the gigs you can help by adding your name to the petition of support for the application.
Thanks to the Floyd family for all your support, Zoe Curtis – Heritage Project Co-ordinator, Brighton Dome.

Brighton Dome Pink Floyd Dark Side 20Jan72

Support us NOW! The more names we have in support, the more chance of HLF funds to help recreate the history, and allow us all to enjoy this piece of history even more.

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5 Responses to The 1972 Brighton Dome Shows

  1. MOTTE says:

    I support the initiative of HLF and i’m impatient to enjoy the results of this work

  2. Paul Walstra says:

    “I whole heartedly support the bid to recreate and celebrate the Dome’s history. As a fan, I want to be part of the Dome’s initiative to recreate the history and conserve the legacy of Pink Floyd at The Dome. I want to learn more about the live shows there, understand better the local significance and culture, and the part the Dome played to Pink Floyd. The PF community and the Dome’s community can and should participate more widely with the global community of music listeners to interact, engage, and share this valuable social history.”

  3. mickee mc donagh says:

    as an fan id like to be park of the domes history with the pink floyd influnence in the history of the dome it self

  4. R.Duff says:

    My first out of body experience happened while listening to The Dark Side. {Most will understand} This venue has “history” inbedded in its Walls. This is one instance where you don’t want to tear down the walls. This needs to be preserved.

  5. Graham Foster says:

    I was at both the 1972 concerts.
    The bit in DSOM where it all went wrong the first time was I think a tape problem or something in “Money”. We assumed that it was some sophisticated new device they were trying to use. I still don’t know the full story. I remember smirking as a few people thought the horrible noise was part of the show!
    If I remember rightly we got a 4-piece version of Atom Heart Mother as consolation that we might not have otherwise got.
    Then the highlight of the night. It’s quiet. The Leslies are spinning. Rick turns to the keyboard and… “PING!”. I’ll name that tune in one: Echoes-the very first time I heard it live. Worth the ticket by itself.

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