More “Here Piggy Piggy Piggy” (The Dark Side of the Pig)

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy 2

From underneath the pig, Wembley Stadium 14th Sept. 2013:

  • This was Roger’s first (and to be last) show at Wembley Stadium
  • Roger played 4 times solo at the Wembley Arena (Empire Pool)
  • The Floyd (with RW) played 14 times at the Empire Pool (Wembley Arena)
  • The Floyd (w/o RW) played twice at Wembley Stadium (I was there 6th Aug. 1988)
  • The Wembley Show 14th Sep 2013 was #213 of the modern The Wall tour
  • This Wall tour consisted of 216 shows in 3 years
  • This means Roger’s “gig rate” since this tour began is 20% (meaning he performed the show one in every 5 days over this period)
  • For mere mortals, this equates to a “gig rate” of 30% for someone working a normal job – i.e. if you 5 days a week, with holidays – and they’d perform the largest touring show ever 12 days a month (for 3 years)
  • Roger turned 70 the week before this latest show, so not bad for an old man (HB Roger).

While we’re stat’ing, some on Wembley:

  • The modern Wembley Stadium officially opened in May 2007
  • It is the second largest stadium in Europe, capacity 90k (only the Nou Camp is larger at 99k)
  • It is the second most expensive stadium in the world, cost £800m (only the new Meadowlands in NYC cost more at £1bn)
  • For music shows, such as The Wall, the capacity is 90k (75k seated & 15k standing)
  • The last event at the old (twin towered) Wembley Stadium was England’s 0-1 defeat to West Germany, when Dietmar Hamaan scored the winner (I was there for that too)
  • The last English player to score at the old Wembley Stadium was Tony Adams (really) in May 2000
  • The very first football game at the newly build Wembley Stadium in 1923 had the highest reported attendance of any sporting event, with officially 125k people but unofficially 250k (as the first game was declared “no ticket” thousands showed up to watch, kept off the pitch by police on horseback in the “white horse cup final” of 1923).

Done. As I think Roger is.

Thanks Roger, it’s been good (now please record that new material…)



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