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I wanted to know more about one of my favourite albums and the 2nd best selling record of all time. I found a lot, maybe here you’ll find out things you didn’t know about it too…

For me there were unanswered questions about the ideas behind the music and the concept, “the idea”; about the genesis of the music over time, crammed into a few weeks in late 1971 and nurtured over the 15 months through to March ’73; and the key events and locations, that helped make it. And now, how it sounds on early CDs. is about why The Dark Side Of The Moon has been so loved and so successful, where the sparks came from. The history ought not be confused with nostalgia: it’s not about revering the past but is about inspiring the present. I want this to be a celebration, in which the history revels itself and enriches the future. Plus, it’s fun.

For its 40th birthday in March 2013, we’re taking time to reflect on, learn more, enjoy, and share The Dark Side Of The Moon. Together, you’ll find surprises along the way…

Thanks, and enjoy.

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