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I was a fit and healthy Floyd fan from a young age. I remember vividly the clear vinyl copy of TDSOTM my Sister had in late 70s (but didn’t know at the time it was a French import). Whilst older than the classic, I was very young when it was released in 1973. A big Floyd fan through school in the ’80s, I had a better diet than my peers’ choice of U2 and The Cure. I watched the legal battles of the fighting Floyd, as they toured competitively, catching KAOS live in ’87 and the new-PF tour a few times around that period. Yes I dallied with Genesis and Marillion, as you did, but a solid Floyd diet was all natural.

Then, complacency set in. I took my eye off the ball with travelling and working, and then family. Still went to the shows and listened, but other priorities arose; I was lazy and didn’t put any effort into my Floyd work-out routine, and took it for granted. I spent time listening to Radiohead and Tragically Hip, other distractions. I always knew the nutritional value I was missing, but lost my way and it started to show, flabby round the edges, misdirected. Not enough Floyd. Too quiet, I wasn’t Raving and Drooling.

Until, using the power of the ‘Net and surfing, I was looking for information on the famous “Spitting Incident”, and I found the Docs’ podcasts. I hadn’t realised how much I’d strayed, but wealth – and health – of the Floyd material there was re-energising. Podcast #50 being special (Roger’s “Oh for…”). A gold mine: lots of live material (afterall the Floyd were originally more of a live band) with access to additional material, delivered in a professional yet familiar way, in bite sized handy podcasts! Doc, you should have your own infomercial to tell the world how good your ‘casts are.

The Doctor saved me, and now I’m a Floyd gym junky again. The right Floyd diet and Floyd routine, from the expert practitioner, a prescription for the Floyd-Diet. Thanks for all Doc – and for easing the train commute into London.

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